Galata Chemicals is one of the world's leading producers and marketers of additives for the Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and associated industries. We offer a broad range of products for our customers' formulating and manufacturing challenges including Mark® organotin heat stabilizers, Mark® liquid and solid mixed-metal heat stabilizers, Markphos® phosphite co-stabilizers, Drapex® liquid epoxidized oil plasticizers, solid and liquid Mark® co-stabilizers, Blendex®, Fomrez® organotin catalysts, Actafoam® chemical foaming agents, Marklube® lubricants, Mark OBS® heavy metal free organic based stabilizers and Markstat® antistatic agents. Galata Chemicals also offers Soypex™ 100, a new high performance candle wax component.

Organotin Stabilizers

Galata offers a well established line of Mark® organotin heat stabilizers, including methyltin, butyltin and octyltin mercaptides, as well as carboxylates which are particularly effective in the stabilization of rigid vinyl compounds.  Mark organotin stabilizers are used in a broad range of applications including house siding, window profiles and PVC pipe. Some organotins are approved for FDA-regulated use in food contact applications such as blown bottles and blister packs. All of our organotin types, sulfur containing or sulfur free, impart outstanding clarity to rigid PVC compounds. Even vinyl compounds with outdoor weathering requirements, such as house siding, can be effectively stabilized with special Mark® organotin stabilizers. They also provide excellent long-term dynamic stability.


Mixed Metal Stabilizers

Galata's comprehensive line of Mark® liquid and solid mixed-metal heat stabilizers offers a range of options to effectively process both plasticized and non-plasticized PVC for virtually any manufacturing process, from plastisols and slush molding to calendaring, extrusion and more.  Our portfolio of solutions are designed to address a spectrum of applications, including, but not limited to, packaging for indirect food contact, medical equipment, toys, roofing, wall covering, flooring, wire and cable, automotive materials and other consumer durables. Regardless of their application, Galata partners with customers to study and evaluate their needs and requirements and determine the best heat stabilizer systems to achieve optimum processing and performance criteria. In addition, Galata is responsive to the trend toward “greener”, more environmentally-friendly materials. We have a history of industry leading responsible practices; from the elimination of lead and cadmium in our product lines to the development of heavy-metal-free OBS (organic based stabilizers) that contain low-to-no phenol and are REACh compliant. 


Phosphite Stabilizers

Galata's Markphos® phosphite stabilizers are used in PVC formulations in combination with mixed metal stabilizers. Organic phosphites are useful in protecting properties of many polymers and perform a variety of functions including maintaining transparency and initial color hold, reinforcing the effectiveness of primary antioxidants as thermal & processing stabilizers in polyolefins, elastomers and engineering plastics and upgrading the service life and weatherability of plastics in outdoor use.  Phosphite co-stabilizers are also added to polyolefins, polyurethane and other polymer resins.

Primary Plasticizers

Galata Chemicals now offers a newly developed series of primary plasticizers manufactured from renewable feedstocks: Drapex® Alpha.  In comparison to various conventional plasticizers, Drapex® Alpha demonstrates high efficiency, low extractability, enhanced processability and low volatility.  With multiple grades commercially available and further product line expansions in development, Drapex® Alpha series bio-based plasticizers are suitable for a multitude of general purpose and specialty PVC formulations. Blending performance with sustainably™, Drapex Alpha series plasticizers offer excellent performance characteristics while remaining  cost competitive with conventional plasticizers.

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Secondary Plasticizers

Galata offers a line of Drapex® liquid epoxidized oil plasticizers approved for a wide range of end-use applications. These products are produced from renewable feedstock; they effectively serve as both secondary plasticizers and co-stabilizers in nearly all PVC systems; and they offer good weathering stability.


Galata offers a selection of both solid and liquid Mark® co-stabilizers designed to enhance stabilizer performance,  provide cost-in-use savings and address specific processing issues. Although typically used in concert with other stabilizer systems, they can also be used alone to provide heat stability.


Polymer Modifiers

Galata’s Blendex® modifiers are designed to upgrade mechanical or processing properties of other polymers or to improve the appearance of finished parts. These modifiers are excellent for upgrading recycle, custom compounding of polymers with specific property needs or altering properties to meet application requirements. Galata’s Blendex® modifiers are effective in PVC, ABS, PC, PBT, TPU, PLA, and some adhesive systems. The Blendex® ultra high molecular weight process aids increase melt strength in the same polymer systems, thus helping to maintain wall thickness in cellular, thermoforming, and blow molding applications. Galata’s weatherable modifiers provide impact resistance in PVC, SAN, PC, and PBT resin systems as well as alloys of these. The Blendex® AMS based heat modifiers increase HDT/Vicat in PVC, ABS, ASA and alloys of these resins. Galata’s Blendex® BMAT is a very effective gloss reducing additive for PVC (rigid and semi-rigid), ABS, ASA and alloys of these resins. Blendex suspension SANs accelerate the rate of fusion in rigid PVC and can be used as a carrier resin for color and other concentrates.


Organotin Catalysts

Galata’s extensive line of FOMREZ® organotin catalysts are effectively used in a variety of polyurethane applications, including rigid foams, varnish and powder coatings. These products also catalyze processes for manufacturing polyester polyols and other polyester products.



Foaming Agents

Actafoam® chemical foaming agents are used in a broad range of polymers, such as plasticized and rigid PVC, polyolefins, styrenics, engineering resins, rubber & plastic composites and elastomers. These products provide cost savings to end users by reducing weight and improving thermal and electrical insulation properties, resilience and shock absorption. Actafoam® foaming agents find use in applications such as embossed flooring products, simulated leather, pipes and decorated profiles.




Galata offers a variety of Marklube® lubricants for rigid and semi-rigid PVC applications.

Heavy Metal Free Organic-Based Heat Stabilizers

These innovative heavy metal free organic based stabilizers, Mark OBS®, are offered by Galata for use in all flexible PVC applications, including artificial leather, flooring.  These organic based stabilizers reflect Galata’s commitment for sustainable, environmentally preferred products and Responsible Care practices. They combine excellent initial color and long-term heat stability with excellent transparency properties.


Galata offers Markstat® antistatic agents that act on the surfaces of plastic materials to reduce surface resistivity and hence dissipate high electric charge densities. Galata offers both ionic and non-ionic antistatic agents to help minimize dust attraction, fire explosion hazards and damage to electrical components and computers.  Markstat® technology includes conventional amines, ammonium salts, ethoxylates and an innovative proprietary technology which exhibits outstanding performance.


Natural Alternative for Paraffin Wax

Galata Chemicals offers Soypex™ 100, a new high performance candle wax component, derived from locally produced vegetable oil.   It is an excellent alternative to supply-limited petroleum-based paraffin and performance-constrained conventional natural waxes.  The product was designed to be blended with and partially replace conventional waxes to significantly reduce soot and smoke formation, improving indoor air quality.  Pre-dissolving fragrances in Soypex™100 at low temperatures preserves fragrance integrity during production of scented candles. With excellent glass adhesion and increased burn time, waxes containing Soypex™100 can be used in both container and pillar candle products of high renewable content and deliver a superior product to the consumer.

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Pending local regulatory restrictions, all of Galata's products are available worldwide. Please contact your local representative for any individual product restrictions. Refer to both Americas and EMEA product guides above for products manufactured in all our facilities.